Wednesday, April 20, 2016 - 10:00am to 10:45am

Uber’s Fascinating World of Inter-App Communications

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After joining Uber in early 2015, Apple Chow and Bian Jiang encountered an Uber-unique challenge while investigating UI testing tools for their mobile applications. Many of their sanity tests required the rider application and driver application to communicate and coordinate actions in order to complete the end-to-end testing scenario. Learn how Apple, Bian, and their team created Octopus, a platform agnostic tool for scenario testing. They will discuss how it coordinates the communication across different apps running on different devices. You can apply this approach for any tests that require coordination and communication across different apps or devices (e.g., a multi-user game, multi-user messaging, or multi-user communication app). Although Octopus was created from scratch, it's a generic test runner, which you can apply to many other applications. Apple and Bian are in the process of open sourcing Octopus, so the whole industry will be able to use it!

Apple Chow

Apple Chow is the engineering manager for Uber’s mobile test infra team, which focuses on building tools and infrastructure for Uber’s fast-growing mobile organization. Previously, Apple was the engineering productivity lead at Google where she led releases and worked on building out the testing infrastructure for many of Google’s mobile and web products including Google Hangouts, Google Maps, YouTube, Google Now, Google CRM, Google Offers, Google Checkout, and OpenSocial.

Bian Jiang

Bian Jiang has extensive experience in both mobile application development and mobile application testing. For the mobile test infra team at Uber, he helps design and build testing tools and infrastructure, such as Octopus, a multi-app and multi-device coordinating test runner. Bian was a key member of the team which built and shipped the new Yahoo! Mail iOS client from scratch in just twelve weeks.