Wednesday, April 20, 2016 - 2:00pm to 2:45pm

Shift Left Mobile Application Testing

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In the past decade, testing efforts have been steadily shifting left—to earlier in the development lifecycle. For web apps, testing and testing automation have been gradually shifting—into development, design, and requirements. The test pyramid recommended by Google and agile experts is a distribution of 60 percent unit tests, 30 percent integration tests, and only 10 percent UI tests. Although practiced widely in the web world, this formula is often deemed impractical in mobile. Satyajit Malugu busts open this myth and gives you practical guidance to achieve the same test pyramid in your mobile test efforts. Satyajit shows how to emphasize unit tests and code coverage, implement continuous integration, and use dashboards for test and quality visibility. He shares experiences with mocking tools, emulators, partial integration tests, and a minimally focused set of UI tests—all before your app reaches the app store. Join Satyajit and take back the testing pyramid.
Satyajit Malugu

A senior SDET at GoDaddy, Satyajit Malugu is focused on mobile testing. His work involves automation of native and hybrid apps, and providing test perspective to his team that recently converted from waterfall to agile. As a testing leader in a company that is deploying a suite of native apps, Satyajit is involved with strategizing, executing, and mentoring other testers and stakeholders on best practices for native mobile testing. Previously, Satyajit worked at Urbanspoon and gained SDET knowledge at Microsoft. He frequently presents on mobile topics. Read his blog and follow him on Twitter at @malugu.